Amherst College Mammoth Sweaters

Show your Amherst College pride! Logos used with permission of Amherst College- 75% of all proceeds from pattern sales go to the College! (Logos are interchangeable- use either version on any size, or use one on the front and one on the back!)

Skill level: Intermediate- involves intarsia, increasing and decreasing, knit flat then seamed.

Note:  This pattern pack includes directions for adult, youth, and baby sizes. Each category of directions (for different weight yarns) follow- before beginning, make sure you are within the right category, then read through and circle the numbers that apply to the size you are making. See note below for customizing your sweater for a more perfect fit.

Adult sizes: Finished chest measurement 41 (43, 45, 47, 49, 51, 53)”; body length 24.5 (25, 26, 26.5, 27, 27.5, 28)”; sleeve length 17.5 (17.5, 18, 18, 18.5, 18.5, 19)”

Youth sizes: Finished chest measurement 28.5 (30, 34, 37)”, body length 16.5 (17.5, 21, 23.5)”, sleeve length 11 (12.5, 15.5, 16.75)”

Baby sizes: Finished chest measurement 22 (24, 26)”, body length 13 (13.5, 15.25)”, sleeve length 8 (8.5, 10.5)”

Note on construction: Sweater is knit flat in pieces and then sewn together; hem, cuff and collar are done in garter stitch. Because of the ‘boxy’ shape this is an easy pattern to shorten or lengthen- if you decide to customize it, consider where to place the intarsia pattern before you begin (that is, if you’re adding rows, decide if you want to add rows below the design, above it, or on the top and bottom equally). Since the sleeves are dropped sleeves, you can use sleeves from a different size if you need them longer or shorter. Just be aware this may change the amount of yarn you need!