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I've been knitting for more years than I want to admit, and designing for almost as long. Although my favorite project is probably knitting for babies, I've done it all- from kits on QVC to a 5 foot hat for a Christmas window in Manhattan, from translating patterns from Japanese (without speaking Japanese) to designs for dogs. I've published books and been included in anthologies, worked with yarn companies and magazine publishers, and worked as a sample knitter for other designers. Some years back I published a newsletter about colorwork knitting traditions from around the globe called "Stranded." Now, in addition to working with yarn companies and publishers, I publish my own designs, which you can buy on Ravelry,, and patternfish, and you can read my blog above. Come knit with me, and share your pictures of what you've made! My favorite part of designing is seeing what people have made with my patterns! Click on an icon below to find me on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram or send me an email!

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